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Moving. [Oct 22, 2007 * 4:48pm]
[ mood | calm ]


:o If you're interested in my life, my icons, or my craziness, add me at tintinnie. If you never talk to me, it's probably not worth the trouble. :P

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Friends in Colorado! :D [Oct 17, 2007 * 9:29pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


Soo... [Oct 7, 2007 * 2:06pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Since I haven't posted anything in forever. :D Here is a post for all my friends. As of this weekend, my friends Ellen and Whitney will be starting a Korean boy band with me. O: Even though we aren't Korean! Or boys. Although that's debatable.

We'll be called Sounds of an Empty Juice Box, and our Asian name will be SouEmJuBo. ;D There IS a sign up list if you want to be our fans, ha ha. (Just kidding.)

Also! Pictures of me and my friends in our Homecoming dresses at my MySpace! :D

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Diane is... [Jul 18, 2007 * 10:00pm]
[ mood | yay! ]


D: I've never been first seed before, and being the one seed means that I'm the highest ranked player in my division for the tournament. What an honor! My mixed doubles partner also is seeded for the first time, and he's seeded number two, out of a draw bigger than mine! Yay! So excited for the tournament this weekend.

Wish me luck! :3
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:D [Jun 21, 2007 * 8:12am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 9differentloves!!
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Blah blah blah! [Jun 8, 2007 * 11:21am]
[ mood | blah ]

Okay, so no blogging for me for a while. Been very busy, yes. My weekly schedule for the summer is probably more busy than my school year schedule was to a point of driving me almost crazy because I really. Really. Need a break soon. But I also feel like a whiner because other people have jobs and actually have to worry about bills and stuff. :/

Monday: Tennis with private coach, Family Home Evening.
Tuesday: Math 121 at the community college in the evening, piano lessons in the morning.
Wednesday: Tennis competitive camp, Young Women youth group.
Thursday: Math 121 at the community college in the evening.
Friday: Tennis competitive camp, switch houses.

Somewhere in there I'm finally getting my braces off though! Whoo!

Also, main point of this post? WON BIN IS THE HOTTEST KOREAN BOY I HAVE EVER SEEN. Unf. I can't even get over it. And he plays TENNIS. *geek*

AND! Lots and lots of birthdays this month:

Happy Birthday!
* chauni (June 5) *
* K-DARLING (June 8 ) *
* peacefulchaos (June 9) *
* 9differentloves (June 21) *

Wtf, Jackie. xD [Apr 23, 2007 * 12:46am]
[ mood | amused ]

Charming Malice: ~ <-- It's a penis, that's what it is.
CallNmbr: It's used.
CallNmbr: XD
CallNmbr: S'why it's all wiggly.
Charming Malice: And wittle.
Charming Malice: Itty bitty.
CallNmbr: EROSION.


Icons for stressful days! [Apr 14, 2007 * 2:01pm]
[ mood | artistic ]


Terms of Use: #1 was made for 9differentloves, #3 was made for rougaroux, and #4 is celes_grant's! xD Please ask their permission to use those! Anybody else want one of anybody specific? O:
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Uhmmm... [Apr 11, 2007 * 9:16pm]
[ mood | omg hot D: ]

UNDER GRAND HOTEL. *dies a mouth-foamy death now, thanks*

Uhm, would an multi-fandom RP community based on the concept of UGH not be the coolest thing ever? OMG. I'd so be there. D: It'd be like damned, only without the crazies and monsters and AHHHH! (not that I don't love the crazies and monsters and especially the AHHHH!). <3 Rufus would make a hella sweet shut-call.

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Come on, Barbie! [Apr 7, 2007 * 6:54pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Let's go party!

It's my grandpa's birthday, so we're having a surprise party! I'm really excited. xD The week has been super eventful.

My sister and I got bumped up in Varsity, from number four doubles at the bottom of Varsity to number two doubles in the middle of Varsity. We won our first match at number twos against Broomfield-- a team we lost to twice last year at number fours. But I also re-split my knee open at a critical point. It was nasty-- blood all over, 300-style. Gross! But we won!

P.S. D: rougaroux, my sister was evil and closed all my windows last night. So I never got to see... But I wasn't ignoring you. ;o; What did you think?

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